Friday, June 5, 2009

Where did those piggies go?

After I got through "bottling" my flavored salts, I quickly realized I was nowhere near done with my new obsession for organization.

I wanted to play around with some cupcake recipes I’ve been saving and started looking around for some new sprinkles I had recently purchased online. I’ll be darned if I could find them. Boy this was frustrating. I can understand if I can’t find the Halloween sprinkles I purchased last year, but these “piggy” sprinkles I just purchased online to make some piggy cupcakes for Lily?

BOLT OF LIGHTNING!! I didn’t have my cake, cupcake and cookie decorations in order. Of course I couldn’t find them, but it was my fault. So instead of making cupcakes, I set out to do some Search and Rescue of any and all sprinkles I had in the house.

When I got tired of going through the pantry, the cabinets, and the cupboards, my dining table was full of little bottles, big bottles, bags, baggies and an assortment of containers to hold my precious decorations.

Time to go back to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I needed more bottles and something to put them in.
I may not have as many as Bakerella does, but I must admit I have my fair share. I found all (? I think all) of my colored sugars.
I found some of my fancy sprinkles.
AND I even found some “rock-shaped” chocolate decorations I had purchased in Mystic, CT. when I went to visit my brother. Oh joy!
You can see I even keep mini-M & M’s for decorating sugar cookies. Lily and I buy the little tubes and then take time to separate them into the different colors. Just looking at these little gems made my heart do some flip-flops and cartwheels. The colors are so pretty. You know, just looking at all the decorations you keep on hand at a glance, really spurs the imagination.

Anyway, now that I found my piggy sprinkles, I can make my daughter her little piggy cupcakes. It doesn’t take much to put a smile on her face. I’m very fortunate that way. With my son Mikey, all it takes is giving him a new X-Men comic book.

Don’t have enough sprinkles and decorations you say? Go to the Cake Art Party Store online. I found this site while visiting Bakerella's blog. You know I absolutely love checking out her wonderful creations. Well, a while back she posted about where she buys most of her sprinkles (and other necessary baking items). It’s called the Cake Art Party Store. It’s located in Tucker, GA. Someday I will go there and pretend I’m at Disneyland and have the time of my life. You bakers out there know what I’m talking about.

But before you run out to the store for some new decorations to decorate a cake or cupcake or cookies you need to bake at a moments notice, or because that’s really what you want to do for yourself or for someone you love, check and see what you have on hand. Keeping it organized makes being a foodie a whole lot of fun. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

I wonder if I'll ever find my Halloween sprinkles???
To put a smile on your face:
Know how to prevent sagging? Just eat till the wrinkles fill out. :p


Reeni♥ said...

The sight of all those sprinkles lined up brings my heart joy!! I want to go bake now!!

abby said...

one word dear: HEAVEN! ;)

Cucinista said...

I'm not sure if the colors and sprinkles and cupcake possibilities make me happier than your organization. And yes, I do have all my cans lined up the same way in my cupboard :)


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