Friday, November 21, 2008

Cupcakes and Chocolate You Don’t Want to Eat

I know I said I would do the homemade truffles today, but I’m going to wait one more day. Late yesterday afternoon, the mailman delivered a greatly anticipated package I’d been waiting for from Nazarina at Giddy Gastronome. Last week I went onto her site because I absolutely love her artistic and creative design in everything she does: food and soaps. I had to contact her and tell her “I want some of those for my girls.” I could envision her giggling when she responded with “No problem.”

Look at this. Aren’t they the most adorable things you ever saw? The cupcake soaps smell of chocolate and raspberries. Nazarina not only did a great job in sending me the soaps I had ordered from her, but she included a surprise just for me. She added a bar of chocolate soap. She included it with a note saying, “I know how much you love chocolate, but you better not try eating this one! LOL.” It looks and smells like chocolate! Bob was getting a little worried about me sitting there for an hour just smelling soap. It was heavenly.

They are absolutely perfect stocking stuffers.

Here’s one that my daughter Lily wanted. It’s called H2O Required. It smells divine.

And of course, I had to order one just for me. The Asian Energizer. The aroma of Eucalyptus just filled the air as I opened the package.

I ask that you visit Nazarina at Giddy Gastronome for a look at some of the amazing work she does. Even her food posts are always beautifully and artistically arranged and designed. Such a talented young woman. You rock, Nazarina.

After celebrating the reception of my wonderful soaps, I got on the computer and had a note for me to visit her blog. Lord Almighty! She’s given baby chocolate blog 7 awards. I was totally speechless. These seven awards are:

This award now goes to: Michele at Life, Lightly Salted

This award now goes to: Nikki at Nik Snacks

This award goes to: Goes to Adam at Baking with Dynamite

This award goes to: Gloria at Cookbook Cuisine

Goes to Jenn at The Left Over Queen

Goes to Ben at What’s cooking?

Goes to Prudence at the Glass Slipper Cakery

Now I can think about my truffles! Abrazos y besos a todos!


Reeni said...

I love Nazarina! She is such a sweetie and so talented. I have some of her beautiful soaps too. She made me a honey and goat's milk bar that looked like it had a real honeycomb in it. So beautiful. That chocolate soap looks so real. How perfect for you. Congrats on all your awards, you deserve them!

Nikki said...

Thank you, my friend, for the award! I've had a really crappy week. This is just the caramel-flavored buttercream icing I needed to top my week. Thank you! :)

Nazarina A said...

I did not expect this! You just did a perfect job presenting them and photographing them!!!! The nicest people live so far away from me!!!! I am so glad you like them. I know my product so well and sometimes I am a little anxious when people try it for the first time and see it in their hands!Their reactions though, always the same They love it!
It was indeed a great pleasure making them for you!!
Much love and hugs!!!

Nazarina A said...

BTW, Teresa, however did you know that I have a little giggle? LOL !! My family says That it is perfect intuition.

Joanna said...

those soaps are adorable!!! i couldn't even pick a favorite one. i love all kinds of soaps. my guilty pleasure is LUSH. they make the coolest soaps and a lot of them are vegan.

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Wow those cupcakes are just adorable and I know you can never say no to splly daughters... :) And congrats on your awards...

Gloria Chadwick said...

Teresa, You're so sweet to give me the friendship award. It's very special and it means a lot to me--just like our friendship. Big hugs. :)
BTW, I may have to abduct the coffee award since you drank all my coffee AND you won't give me my Kahlua back. LOL

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi teresa
loved your post and about the creative soaps and their urging smell..will visit her blog and look for more nuggets there.

Happy cook said...

Yeah i love all of them, they just looks so good.

Kelly said...

I made truffles for the first time today (well, the shells anyway...the ganache I will be making tomorrow). I hope mine turn out as well as yours do.

Prudence said...

Ms. Teresa!! I apologize for the delay in response!! I just got back from Jersey and am leaving for Bulgaria on Wed.

You are truly a GEM!! I am honored to take the "Chocoholic" Award from such beautiful person. It was a nice surprise to come home to!!


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